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Community Involvement Haiti Relief – How Dollarama Helps Me, Help Haiti (cross post)

Posted by signmaster on 1/26/2010


Community Involvement And How It Involves The Sign Depot

This is a cross post orginally from

Written by Lisa one of the employees here at The Sign Depot. The building we are now located in is a drop off centre for this 50 Ottawa St S. Kitchener Ont Enter on the Charles St side of the building. When you drop off your donation please come in and see us! Lisa would love to meet you and thank you for reading and responding to this. ——————————

I feel the world finally learning to rally to help those in need. I know there is so much more that can be done, but this is my contribution.

Dollarama Stuff Yes you heard right stuff from Dollarama will help those in need. Yesterday @Flourishflorals tweeted this link Which had this info ————– MCC is asking for donations of 20,000 relief kits as part of its response to the Haiti earthquake. Thank you for joining this response. Relief kits provide valuable supplies to families traumatized by war and disasters. In recent years, kits have been sent to Iraq, Gaza, Bosnia, Serbia, Nepal, Mozambique, Indonesia and Honduras.

Contents (NEW items only) 4 large bars bath soap (leave in wrapping) 1 plastic bottle shampoo (380-710ml / 13-24oz; place bottle in a re-sealable plastic bag) 4 large bars of laundry soap (Some stores carry Fels Naptha, Sunlight or Zote brands; contact your local MCC warehouse with questions) 1 squeeze-tube toothpaste (minimum 130ml / 6oz; leave in box) 4 adult-size toothbrushes (leave in packaging) 4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colors) 2 wide-tooth combs(6 to 8in / 15 to 20cm) 1 fingernail clipper 1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40, assorted) 1 package sanitary pads (18-24 thin maxi) Place contents in a box or bag and deliver to one of the drop-off locations in Canada or the U.S. The kit will be re-packed in a new 5-gallon plastic pail with lid. ———— Looking at the list I realized I can purchase a majority of it at Dollarama. So that’s what I did!I got everything except the laundry soap bars. They have them, but they are unwrapped, so I’ll get some at the grocery store tomorrow.I spent less than $20 for all of this.I hope to drop it off early this week(the site lists all the drop off locations)So even when you think you’re little donation is just a drop in the bucket, look how much my drop will provide!


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