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Custom Signs To Celebrate National Coffee Day

Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015


Creating Custom Coffee Signs

September 29th marks National Coffee Day.  A day where coffee lovers rejoice in celebration of their caffeinated beverages.  Coffee comes in a multitude of flavours and several unique brewing styles.  This is why we are celebrating with the different types of custom signs we have created for coffee establishments.

Listed Alphabetically

Baden Coffee Company

The Baden Coffee Company provides coffee to many local businesses but wanted to bring attention to their retail space.  In order to create visibility a custom signage package was created to heighten brand awareness.

For more information see our CUSTOM 3 DIMENSIONAL SIGNS CAN BE BIG FOR BUSINESS post.

3 dimensional sign - Baden Coffee - The Sign Depot

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is a Canadian franchise that was featured on Dragon’s Den.  Their signage packages have included exterior signs and vinyl window graphics.

You can see who their Dragon investors are by reading our SIGNMAKER TO THE STARS blog post.

Balzac's - Artistic Signs - The Sign Depot

Death Valley’s Little Brother

If you find yourself in a coffee shop where the flavour shots include whiskey, then you have found yourself at DVLB.  Their barn board sign created quite a buzz and a trend.


Custom Wood - Reclaimed Barn Board - The Sign Depot

Tim Hortons

Being that Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest fast food establishment they have been able to create a foundation for their philanthropic efforts.

See their logo for their foundation at INCREDIBLY CANADIAN CUSTOM SIGNS.

Canadian Custom Sign - The Sign Depot


You may be wondering why we are mentioning a tea shop on a National Coffee Day post, but this tea shop includes a custom blend of tea that includes coffee.

 See how XTEA CO, a downtown district business, stands out with the use of vinyl window decals in our BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT post.

Window Graphic Decals - XTEA CO - The Sign Depot

Looking for ways to create a buzz about your coffee shop or restaurant business? Visit our CONTACT US page to connect with one of our expert sign designers!



10 Responses to “Custom Signs To Celebrate National Coffee Day”

  1. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    I love National Coffee Day! I love these signs and my favorite is the Tim Horton’s Children Foundation.

  2. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    What cute signs, I’d like to have a barn board sign in my home. Most of it’s wood (walls, ceilings).

  3. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    Looks like you had a great time, I sure did enjoy my free coffee today!

  4. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    These sings are great. I love how the Xtea decals even include links to social media!

  5. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    Very cute signs. Logos and signs can really either attract or repel customers.

  6. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    What a cute signs!! Love these!~

  7. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    I missed the national coffee day! These sings are very nice!

  8. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    These are really great signs! I liked the Baden Coffee company sign the best. Hate that I missed national coffee day!

  9. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    I missed the National Coffee day!! I love coffee and I think these signs are really nice!

  10. Posted by Lisa on 9/29/2015

    It was so cool to see all those different coffee making shops and store fronts. You did an amazing job of if. 🙂

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