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Custom Signs As Architectural Interior Design Elements – Against The Grain

Posted by Lisa on 5/21/2013


Creating Custom Dimensional Restaurant Signs

For those who follow us on facebook I am sure you have been wondering what all the artistic wood sculptures pictures were about.

Custom Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

The cedar pieces shown in the image above were for Against The Grain‘s newest restaurant location.  The custom dimensional restaurant sign pieces that we created for their first restaurant were taken on step further and used as architectural interior design elements for this sign project.  The design for this location required many more artistic sign elements to bring the restaurant’s custom wood interior to the forefront of the restaurant while still being aesthetically pleasing to the patrons dining there.

Ceiling Of Cedar

The most prominent feature for the restaurant’s interior is the cedar block ceiling.  Each wooden block was custom cut here in the Sign Depot workshop and attached to Against The Grain’s ceiling to add dimensional artistic elements to the interior.

Custom Interior Signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot

Walls Of Wood

Much like the first Against The Grain location, plank walls were created to add texture to the restaurant’s decor.  In addition to the plank wall, cedar screen walls were custom made further enhance the restaurant’s interior.

Custom Interior Signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Interior Signs - The Sign Depot

Decadent Desks And A Sturdy Stand

The restaurant custom sign design package also called for a few structures.  A front desk was handcrafted along with a sculptural hostess stand.  Both pieces were give a custom finish to match the interior.  They were designed for both form and function.  They serve as display sculptures as well as a decadent desk and a sturdy stand.

Dimensional Sign - The Sign Depot

Custom Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot

Dine With Us In Mind

Want to see the custom interior signs we made for Against The Grain up close? Visit their newest location in Toronto

Against the Grain Urban Tavern Leaside located at 87 Laird Dr.

We would love to hear about your dining experience there.  Make sure to leave us a comment below or send us a tweet with your thoughts.


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