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Why You Need to Add Custom Signs to Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Custom Sign - Curiosa - The Sign Depot

All Eyes Are On You

It has been well documented that pictures and visuals perform better for the purposes of marketing, hence the rise of Infographics, Instagram and Pinterest.  Even Facebook posts perform better when an image is included.  This makes choosing a clear concise logo for your brand more important than ever.  It will become the heart of your visual marketing strategy.  It will increase awareness of your business and make your company memorable.  Crafting custom signs around logos is something that The Sign Depot has specialized in for the past 25 years.  We create eye catching signs that keep you at the top of mind of consumers.

Visual Marketing

Visual Marketing stems from Visual Communication.  Visual Communication includes many elements of design to help illustrate a point.  When paired with a marketing plan it creates a memorable form of promotion for your business.

Why Visual Marketing?

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  You want to ensure the message you are conveying it easily understood and visual marketing assists with that strategy. The use of signage in your visual marketing is the best way to capture the attention of passers-by. Custom signs are critical part of any marketing plan as they provide visual marketing for your establishment 24 hours a day. Think of the captive audience you have if your business is near a stop light or even someone taking a stroll in your area.

A-Frame Sign - Pokemon Go - The Sign Depot

Our expert sign designers can assist you in creating that focal point for your business.  We can provide you with insight on how signage can be incorporated into your visual marketing strategy and make you notable in the marketplace.  To learn how we can assist with your custom signs, visit our CONTACT US page and send us note with what you want to incorporate into your signs.  One of sign experts will connect with you to help you with your signage decisions.