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Feeling Frozen With Rosemaling For Dimensional Signs

Rosemaling Frozen - Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

Dimensional Signs That Resemble Rosemaling

Are you wondering what we mean by rosemaling? Rosemaling is a design term that is based on Norwegian folk art.  It features flourishes, scroll work and geometric shapes.  Often rosemaling is a repetitive design.  In the Disney animated movie FROZEN, rosemaling was repetitive throughout the film.  The architecture, the furnishings, the outfits and even the winter scenery in the film was designed around the rosemaling technique.  You can see glimpses of modern rosemaling patterns in the  LET IT GO music video below.

Did you notice how the snowflakes, Elsa’s cape and even her castle highlight rosemaling?

Because of it’s artistic style, rosemaling is often incorporated into dimensional signs here at The Sign Depot. Below are a few examples of designs and dimensional signs that have references to rosemaling.

Heading North?

This outdoor dimensional stone sign was sandblasted with a geometric design pointing to north, south, east and west. It also includes some scrolls near the bottom of the sign.

Rosemaling Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

Dimensional Signs And Structures

Below is just one part of what became a large floral sign structure.  With Pantone announcing their 2017 Colour Of The Year as Greenery, this HDU (high density urethane) sign element fits well for this time of year. We think think this structure would also work well in a rosemaling design.

Feeling Frozen?

Even our winter scene logo has geometric shapes and a scroll design that would be found in a folk art rosemaling pattern. While we are not located in Norway, you might get a little chilly when you take a look at all the details in this logo design.

Rosemaling Logo Design - The Sign Depot

With the arrival of the fresh white snow all we have left to ask is  DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN?


A little FROZEN humor to melt your heart.



Vintage Look Dimensional Signs For Abe Erb

Showing Kitchener Waterloo’s Heritage With Signs

When the owners of Abe Erb first contacted us about their new Pub that would be opening, they mentioned they reached out to us because of the artistic signs we display on our Sign Depot website. They were wanted dimesnional signs with a vintage look and Peter Moir (owner of Sign Depot) said our distressed finished signs would fit the bill.

Custom Dimensional Signs With A Throwback Thrown In

The Abe Erb project included an exterior entranceway sign for the restaurant, a store front sign for their beer shop and copy of historical map of Waterloo Ontario. Because all three signs are for outdoor use they needed to be able to withstand the conditions of all four seasons.  The dimensionalcutout letters and custom crafted hexagons (manufactured to look like bolt heads) for the entranceway and store front sign were cnc cut from high density urethane (otherwise known as HDU).  The HDU items were affixed to an aluminum panel backer.

Dimensional Letters - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

Dimensional Letters - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

The signs were given our faux rust finished to achieve the look of a vintage sign.

Dimensional Signs - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

Dimensional Signs - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

The map which you can see a detailed look on the CONTACT section of the Abe Erb website, was a fabricated on to an aluminum panel.

Vintage Signs - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

Building A Brand Buzz

During the weeks leading up to the opening of Abe Erb they used their signage as a means to promote their new establishment.  Brand buzz was built on the Abe Erb social media channels. They ran contests asking future patrons to tweet out pics of themselves with the signs.  This increased exposure for their company and ramped up brand buzz about Abe Erb’s involvement in the community.

For more examples of the types of signs we make for dining establishements, be sure to visit our Restaurant Signs gallery. If you are looking for dimensional signs then contact us first!


Del Dente To Dels Dimensional Signs

Adding Dimension To The Dels Enoteca Pizzeria

If you have visited Kitchener Waterloo Ontario there is a very good chance you have noticed the Charcoal Restaurant dimensional signs on the exterior of their building.

The Charcoal Group, known for their foreward thinking in the food industry, made the decision to rebrand their Del Dente Restaurant to Dels Enoteca Pizzeria. As described on their website the new logo was born out of the idea that our cuisine is an art form. The shape behind the word dels is a graphic representation of a hand-made pizza dough as well as a spot of sauce that might have splashed onto the chef’s coat when they took the first taste-test. Or, it is the splash of paint from an artist’s paintbrush. The customized font to represent ‘dels’ reminds us of spaghetti or linguine noodles and it exudes a fun and approachable feeling. The logo and identity will embrace that feeling that will flow into all touch points that the guest might see or touch. To bring the brand identity to the forefront during the establishment’s renovations, our expert sign-makers created dimensional signs to reflect the restaurant refresh.

Rebrand, Remove, Renew, Refresh and Repurpose During Restaurant Renovations

There were several steps involved in the Dels Enoteca Pizzeria Signage Package.  Once the rebranding renovations began, time was of the essence to change over the Del Dente dimensional sign to #TheNewDels signs.

Dimensional Signs - Dels Enoteca Pizzeria - The Sign Depot

Removal of the iconic sign 

Installation of temporary signage

Construction of new dimensional signs

Refurbishing of previous sign pieces Dels Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

Installation of the new signage package Dels Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

dels lit 3 dimensional signs - The Sign Depot

Dels 3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

If you check out the video below you will see that several artistic signs were fabricated for Dels as well as some of their other signs were repurposed for the project.

Although they are no longer in their original spots they have been installed in new locations around the building. If you happen to see any of these dimensional signs while you are at the restaurant, be sure to tweet us a pic!

Dels Lit Dimensional Signs - Sign Lighting - The Sign Depot



Dimensional Signs as Props and Conversation Pieces

Bringing The Outdoors In

When we talk about 3 dimensional signs it often has to do with large outdoor signs and landmark pieces.  These signs are often referred to as Roadside Attractions and are great for wayfinding signs and findability soloutions. There are other applications for 3D signs as well. They make great props for trade shows, menu displays for restaurants and they add impact to entrance ways.  Here at The Sign Depot we have found a way to combine the outdoor landmark piece with the indoor impact piece.

Moosehead Dimensional

Enter Our Dimensional Moosehead

He’s one part Melvin the Moose from the Country Bear Jamboree  (minus the animatronic Disney magic) and one part Bullwinkle. Our friendly dimensional moose adds the tradition of moosehead and the fun of cartoon prop.  As like the majority of our custom signs, a hand sculpted moosehead can be created to your specifications to match the style you would like have hanging inside the cottage or above the mantel of your home.   The dimensional moose is sure to curate some fun as a conversational piece and add some whimsical charm to the surroundings.  To find out more about our moosehead and many of the dimensional sign options that are available at The Sign Depot make sure to visit our contact page and let us know what one of a kind sign we can custom create for you!

The Choice Is All Yours

 Choosing a custom dimensional sign will make your ideas life-like, memorable and be spoke of for years to come. We bring the fun of sign making to other places too.  Make sure to continue the conversation online through our active  Twitter,  and check us out on Facebook. Need a bit of inspiration? Take a look at our Sign Depot Pinterest page, as it is sure to get the ball rolling.  We would love to hear your comments as well let us know what you think in the comment section of this post.