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Vintage Look Dimensional Signs For Abe Erb

Showing Kitchener Waterloo’s Heritage With Signs

When the owners of Abe Erb first contacted us about their new Pub that would be opening, they mentioned they reached out to us because of the artistic signs we display on our Sign Depot website. They were wanted dimesnional signs with a vintage look and Peter Moir (owner of Sign Depot) said our distressed finished signs would fit the bill.

Custom Dimensional Signs With A Throwback Thrown In

The Abe Erb project included an exterior entranceway sign for the restaurant, a store front sign for their beer shop and copy of historical map of Waterloo Ontario. Because all three signs are for outdoor use they needed to be able to withstand the conditions of all four seasons.  The dimensionalcutout letters and custom crafted hexagons (manufactured to look like bolt heads) for the entranceway and store front sign were cnc cut from high density urethane (otherwise known as HDU).  The HDU items were affixed to an aluminum panel backer.

Dimensional Letters - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

Dimensional Letters - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

The signs were given our faux rust finished to achieve the look of a vintage sign.

Dimensional Signs - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

Dimensional Signs - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

The map which you can see a detailed look on the CONTACT section of the Abe Erb website, was a fabricated on to an aluminum panel.

Vintage Signs - Abe Erb - The Sign Depot

Building A Brand Buzz

During the weeks leading up to the opening of Abe Erb they used their signage as a means to promote their new establishment.  Brand buzz was built on the Abe Erb social media channels. They ran contests asking future patrons to tweet out pics of themselves with the signs.  This increased exposure for their company and ramped up brand buzz about Abe Erb’s involvement in the community.

For more examples of the types of signs we make for dining establishements, be sure to visit our Restaurant Signs gallery. If you are looking for dimensional signs then contact us first!


Importance Of A Good Business Sign Can Be Compared To The Importance Of A Good Cookie

C Is For Custom Creative Cookies

Here at The Sign Depot we talk quite a bit about standing out and being memorable.  Finding ways to be unique can be difficult sometimes, but it well worth the effort when it comes to signs for your business. 

 According to’s article The Importance of Advertising Signs for a Growing Business

 What you put in front of someone’s eyes is perhaps the most decisive factor in determining what they think of you and your business. In fact, consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they have seen the name before. Therefore advertising effectively, and making the product or sign memorable is crucial to the success and the growth of your business

 Advertising effectively is what PJ Lowe had in mind when she first created her promotional cookies.  Her story was about having memorable items to hand out at a public event.  She wanted something that would stand out from all the rest.  She created cookies with logos on them.  Really in our terms they were mini custom signs.  The cookies were so popular she started the company Nom Nom Treats.  Take a look at her photo gallery and see how many brands you recognize.

When the Cutegecko Design Agency approached us about creating a sign that looked like a cookie for Nom Nom Treats we new it would be a fun project.  Not only would we be making a custom sign, we would be making a custom cookie sign for a company that makes custom designed cookies.  Try saying that five times fast!

Dimension was key when it came to creating the cookie.  It was all about standing out from the rest!  The cookie was created in layers and then given a high gloss finish to replicate icing.  Working with logo designer we were able to duplicate the Nom Nom Treats logo and gave it an extra layer of dimension when it came to the text.   The end result was as 3 dimensional delicious looking as the actual Nom Nom Treats themselves.

 Custom Dimensional Sign - The Sign Depot

Want to know what made us even more ecstatic?  The fact that we just might be the best gift ever! At least that’s what PJ thinks!