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Commnunity Involvement Year In Review 2010 @ The Sign Depot

Posted by Lisa on 12/21/2010


Ever Notice How Quickly Things Change?

This time last year we headed in a new direction. This direction happened to take us across the street, with a few detours along the way. Thank goodness we are masters in the art of wayfinding signs, or should I say in the artistic way of wayfinding?

We had just moved into the Access Storage Building formerly known as Doon Twines/Canada Cordage.  There were a few hurdles along the way.  Our move went in two parts.  The shop was being setup downstairs, but the office would not be ready in time, so we had a “makeshift” office upstairs.  During that time we learned a lot about this building and all of it’s passageways, elevators and mishaps that can happen with a heritage building.

Early spring the office was completed and setup began.  After that we hosted a public Open House and Food Drive to welcome the community to our new location.  It was a great event filled with friends both old and new.

Summer came and it brought a new employee, new business and a new project.  Besides our day to day operations, a Pirate, his ship and a trusty first mate we constructed.  We visitors almost daily to watch this project evolve.

Since then we’ve had several projects both locally and Toronto based.

Now with this whirlwind year winding down, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new site, a Designers’ Day event in January & an Art Showing coming in February.  Want to keep up with us in 2011?  It’s easy, just sign up for our Monthly newsletter in the right side bar of this page.  We really enjoy our location and are looking forward to more community involvement projects. We promise to keep you in the loop.

Happy Holidays From Everyone at The Sign Depot!

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