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Out With The Old – All About Artistic Colour Choices

Posted by Lisa on 12/8/2011



Colours of The Year

During 2011 you may have notice a lot of bright pink around you.  You may not have taken note but Honeysuckle was named colour of the year for 2011 at the end of 2010.  To help you get a jump on your look for 2012 make sure to invest in fashions and fabrics in Tangerine Tango which is the 2012 PANTONE COLOUR OF THE YEAR.

What is a Pantone?

A pantone is a colour matching system used by many designers/stylists/painters etc. Each individual pantone colour has a standard code number to be matched to ensure a seamless look.

What does that mean for your business?

This means your pantone colour choice for fabric/paint/vinyl can co-ordinate exactly with your business logo and you have a uniform look across the board for your company and its branding.

Now  TANGERINE TANGO might not be the colour of choice for you and your business, but knowing the pantone colours in your logo can definitely help when ordering business related items such as signs, graphics, stationary, decor items etc and it will help find complimenting colours to match your logo.

When it comes the colours in your logo, you should always choose to consult with a designer.  Professional designers are educated in colour matching and know the best for fit for the look you hope to achieve for your company.  Consulting a professional is always best when it comes to designing the advertising for your business.  You want your company’s branding to look top notch.  Picking the colours to best represent your business is what designers are trained to do.  They have the artistic eye to bring your brand to life and show off what best highlights what your company is all about. To find consult with one of our award winning sign designers make sure to contact us here at The Sign Depot


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