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What Does Sign Making Have To Do With Movember? Community Involvement Is Just Part Of It

Posted by Lisa on 12/1/2011


How The Sign Depot Made It Through MOVEMBER


Actually here at The Sign Depot, we think Movember has a lot in common with us!  Have you taken a good look at our logo?   Our brand is all about the moustache! Other similarities include our commitment to community involvement and finding ways to give back to a community that supports our business.  Perhaps the last thing that Sign Depot has in common with Movember is the appreciation for fine craftsmanship, whether it be in the form of a well crafted custom sign or well groomed moustache.  We see value and take pride in both art forms.

December 1st has now arrived, which means the end of Movember 2011.  This year the top fundraising (or should it be hair-raising) country for this year’s  Movember campaign is Canada.  Take a look at what all the Canadian MoBros and MoSistas accomplished.

  • Canada raised $36,901,445.00 from the 246,126 registered CITIZENS OF MOVEMBER Canada
  • In Ontario 107,074 people signed up  raising $14,892,613.37 in funds for Prostate Cancer Canada
  • Locally here in Kitchener Waterloo there were 4365 Movember particpants that together raised $394,746.70 & Counting!

As mentioned a month ago Sign Depot was ready for the Challenge! Peter grew a moustach inspired by the shop sandblasted logo sign.  In under 10 days he had a filled in moustache, so the challenge had been met.  By day 15 many of our clients dropping by commented on his participation and lots of great convos spurred from that.  When day 25 came around he was hoping the end would be near because he mentioned it was becoming irritaitingly itchy & then it happened.  Dec 1st the last day to wear the Mo’

Sandblasted Logo - The Sign Depot

This may be the last glimpse of it before he shaves the evidence.  I’m thinking for next year’s campaign we should re-name ourselves the The Sign DepMO’



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