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Business Sign Grants And Funds

Investing In Local Businesses

Many businesses are looking for economical ways to raise awareness of their company in hopes to increase profits.  Mashable suggests that brick and motar businesses should act like startups when it comes to funding.  That is one of the many approaches that businesses should look at when it comes to their finances.  Another way is to look into grants and funds that the local area has to offer.  Many City Halls and Business Improvement Associations offer Facade Grant Programs to revitalize areas in their communities.

Facade Grants And Funds

Many Facade Upgrade programs see business signage as a big part of improving storefronts and streetscapes. They will want to know that you are working with a professional sign maker before the approval process can begin.

Steps To Sign Up For A  Business Sign Upgrade

There are several steps in acquiring approval for a Facade Grant.  These are some starting points to find out how much your business qualifies for when it comes to funds and grants.

  • Talk to an expert sign maker about what type of sign you will want to have placed on your storefront
  • Let them know if they should request the sign permit or if you will be taking the task on yourself
  • Contact the administrator of the grant/fund program to find out about any stipulations and/or timelines you need to meet

Although this may seem like a big task to undertake, a grant can take your business from this

to this

Business Sign Upgrade - The Sportslink - The Sign Depot

You can read more about this Business Sign Project on our post about giving Downtown Kitchener A Facelift

Below are list of 10 areas in Ontario that are offering Facade Upgrade Grants.  If you think your company qualifies for a new business sign, be sure to Contact Us and we can help start the process!