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Is The Gray Jay The Next Big Thing For Cottage Signs?

The National Bird Project

The GRAY JAY was announced as the Canada’s National Bird by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Canadian Geographic through their National Bird Project.  The gray jay was selected because it’s a bird that can be found year round (yes that includes the frosty winter months) in all of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Gray Jay Cottage Sign - The Sign Depot

Here at Sign Depot we are wondering if we will begin to receive requests for the gray jay on new orders of custom cottage signs?

Custom Signs With Bird Designs

Over the years we have created several custom signs with birds that are found in Canada, but these species tend to migrate south for the winter. The Canada Goose and Canadian Loon (also known as the Common Loon) have appeared on custom signs created here in the Sign Depot workshop.

Cottage Signs - The Sign Depot Inc

Cottage Sign Loon - The Sign Depot

Now with announcement of the gray jay being added to the list of popular birds found in our country, we may start to see requests for sign designs with this species of bird included in the sign artwork. We think it’s perfect pairing for our sandblasted cedar cottage signs as they weather the elements year round as well.

Be Ahead Of The Trend

Are you thinking of getting a custom wood cottage sign or residential sign?  You might want to consider having a gray jay added to your sign design. It could end up  being the next big thing in cottage signs.  We see many different trends when it comes to our custom signs. Why not be ahead of the trend? All it takes to order a gray jay cottage sign is a bit of information on your part and a visit to our CONTACT US page.

How Much Does A Custom Cottage Sign Cost - The Sign Depot

How To Order A Custom Wood Cottage Sign - The Sign Depot

Within a few weeks of receiving your order, you too can be a proud owner of a trendy custom cottage sign.


Five Hot Trends To Watch In 2012 – See How They Can Impact Your Business

Start The Year Off Ahead Of The Curve

Want to get a jump on the latest trends before they take off?  We’ve gathered a great list for you to start from.  See if any of these trends make an impact on your business.

Gardening Trends

According to The Vancouver Sun this year’s trend will be plants that require less water, but bring birds, butterflies and insects back to gardens.  As well plants that thrive well in small spaces and on a trellis will be quite popular this year.  What ever you decide to plant make sure it ads to your curb appeal.  Take a look at your surroundings.  A little upkeep can go a long way.

Car Trends

USA Today lets us know that emphasis is still on safety but environmental has not taken a back seat.  Vehicles that shut off at stop lights, powerful small engines that are fuel efficient are just a couple of the latest car features we’ll see in 2012.

Font Trends

Ready challenge yourself, while out-performing the rest? It sounds like you have the Olympic Spirt.  With that comes a Colossal FONT to match.  Keep the London Olympics 2012 Font  in mind before it starts popping up everywhere this summer.

Colour Trends

As mentioned in a previous post, TANGERINE TANGO is the 2012 Pantone Colour of the Year.  Make sure to include this vibrant splash of colour to your home, marketing materials and fashions to let others see just how trendy you are!

Restaurant Trends

In 2011 many restaurants focused on the importance of local food.  That trend will carry on into 2012 with the additions of food sensitivities and allergies being addressed.  Gluten-free being one of the top trends in the food service and restaurant industry right now.

Restaurant Industry Sign - The Sign Depot

What steps will you be taking to follow these trends, or will you be creating trends of your own?