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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our Four Favorite Heritage Look Pub Signs

A Pub’s Presentation

Pubs come in all shapes and sizes.  From the little pub on the corner to the big restaurant/sports bar style establishments.  Signs for pubs need to be just as unique.  The entrance-way to any pub needs to be inviting and reflect the atmosphere inside.

In choosing a design style for a pub here are some factors to think about

  • Will the pub want the traditional Irish feel?
  • Will customers be looking to it for a fun time with friends?
  • Will the choices of ale be a deciding factor for passers by?
  • Will there be a selection of Irish fare on the menu that should be highlighted?
  • Will the pub’s name or logo be the feature of the sign?

Location, Location, Location

As mentioned in an earlier post, where you plan on putting your sign is just as important as what you are putting on it.  Make sure your sign is visible by displaying it where the majority of traffic will see it.   Find a location where your sign can stand out from the rest, but still look pleasing in its surroundings.

Pot of Gold?

Ways you can make your sign be very noticeable are through choices of materials and fine art finishes.  The luster of a 23K gold leaf sign is unparalleled and adding that touch of shine is a decision that might just bring you the Luck of the Irish!

Size Matters

 It won’t hurt to put a big sign on a small pub, but it doesn’t work the other way around.  Make sure that the size of your sign works with the size of your building.  Proportion is key when deciding how large you want to make your pub sign.  Also make sure your sign can display all the messaging you wish to have on it, without the sign looking overcrowded.  There is collation between pleasing to the eye = pleasing to mind = pleasing to the pallet, and when you are in the restaurant business those factors are very important.

Four Favorites Styles of Pub Signs

Take a look at the examples of four very different heritage look pub signs we have constructed.  Each highlighting a different aspect of their pub

  1. Food
  2. Fare
  3. Family Tradition
  4. Fun

 Restaurant Signs - The Sign Depot - Flynn's

Pub Sign - The Sign Depot - Failte

Bar Sign - The Sign Depot - Huether Hotel - Lion Brewery

pub sign - st patrick's - The Sign Depot