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The Advantages Of A Custom Sign Shop

Working With A Custom Sign Shop

When it comes to creating custom signs, choosing to work with a custom sign shop has many advantages.  Below we have many reasons why custom sign shops are a great choice when selecting a sign service. Here at The Sign Depot our expert designers and sign makers are here to help with all your signage needs.

The Top 10 Advantages Of Custom Sign Shops

  1. No Minimums – If you just need one sign made, we are happy to create a custom sign for you
  2. Mass Sign Lots – If you need several signs created we are thrilled to do that as well
  3. Designers On Site – Our sign designers can take your idea and design the sign around it
  4. Supplied Artwork – Already have your design ready? We can work with that too!
  5. Variety Of Materials – We can work with wood, metal, acrylic, and high density urethane. We work with the substrates that fit your needs and your budget.
  6. Various Finishes – Our custom finishes involve paint and vinyl with lots of colours to choose from
  7. Sign Permits – We are able to prepare the sign permit documents you require upon request
  8. Free Quotes – Supplying our clients with free quotes with different price points helps them know their signage costs upfront
  9. Refurbishing – Have a custom wood sign that needs sprucing up? We do that as well
  10. Located In Canada – If you have additional questions we can be reached by phone, email or in person at our office in Kitchener Ontario

Custom Sign - Trade Show Booth - Display - The Sign Depot

Whether for commerical or residential, architectural or artistic, personalized or company branded, their are several advantages when you choose to work with a custom sign shop.  Here at The Sign Depot we pride ourselves on being a full service sign provider, ready to assist you with all of your signage needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


What Does Heritage Sign Making Have To Do With Disney?

Timeline of Signs

Sign making is a craft that originated in ancient times according to Wikipedia.  Fast forward to the modern day where the function of signage is described as a means of…

 communication, to convey information such that its receiver can make cognitive decisions based on the information provided. In general, signage can be classified into the following functions: (a)Information: signs giving information about services and facilities, e.g., maps, directories, instructions for use, etc. (b)Direction: signs leading to services, facilities, functional spaces and key areas, e.g., sign posts, directional arrows, etc. (c)Identification: signs indicating services and facilities, e.g., room names & numbers, toilet signs, number of floors, etc. (d)Safety and Regulatory: signs giving warning or safety instructions, e.g., warning signs, traffic signs, exit signs, rules & regulations, etc.

This description makes signage sound like a rather dull concept.  We think the contrary.  Making noticeably unique signs are tasks that professional sign makers tackle every day.  Using heritage sign making techniques like hand painting, carving, routering, blasting, and guilding (gold leaf applications) are just some of the ways that the sign crafters of today create bold looks and eye catching signs.

Behind The Scenes

Finding the best technique to suit what the sign represents can be challenging, but through different methods of design and construction the desired look will be achieved.  Take a look at this behind the scenes video of the Disney Sign Shop

They use several of the same processes we do.  Both traditional heritage looks and modern style sign making processes (and sometimes a mix of the two) make the signage industry a far more interesting concept, while still making signage functional.

Signs of a Great Sign Maker

Choosing a sign maker that has expertise in a variety of of sign making techniques ensures you have the signage that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.  The art of sign making requires high attention to detail as well the ability to produce outstanding results.  Make sure your sign maker of choice provides you with the choices you need to suit your needs as well as your sign budget. Taking the time to listen to your preferences and consider the options that will make your sign stand up and stand out is what makes for great sign maker.