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3 Dimensional Signs, Interactive Displays, Plinko Boards And More

Creating Engagement With 3 Dimensional Signs

Finding ways for companies to interact and stay engaged with their clients is very important.  Being memorable is one of our 3 Keys To A Successful Trade Show.  It keeps your business top of mind with your current and potential customers and helps to increase brand awareness about your company.  Using 3 dimensional signs to create engagement with the public may not something you have thought of, but you can see by the examples below, interactive displays can get your info shared to a larger audience.

Providing Plinko Games To Gain An Audience

While many of our clients already come to us for unique signs for their trade shows and customer appreciation events, some really want to ensure that the audience takes the time to visit their display.  This is when a PLINKO game can make an impact.  While Heffner Toyota uses their custom Plinko game for customer promotions, The Great Canadian Meat Company is taking theirs to upcoming trade shows and the Portland Trail Blazers use theirs to interact with fans.  Each of these circumstances create memorable experiences between the brand and their audience.

Plinko Game - The Great Canadian Meat Company - The Sign Depot

Interactive Sign Displays

When it comes to creating buzz about your brand, social media is one of the best ways to spread your message. Most people think of interactive displays as immersive virtual reality or augmented reality experiences, but any display that people interact with counts as well.  Souvenir City came to Sign Depot to create a 3 dimensional sign structure to use as a photo booth prop for their Niagara Falls location.  As you can see by tweet below, their visitors are putting it to good use by snapping photos and posting it on social media channels.

Engage Your Audience With 3 Dimensional Signs

Whether you are looking for leads at a trade show or search for new fans online, using your business signs to display your brand is a great way to gain exposure.  The sign-making experts here at The Sign Depot are here to assist you with your branded signage.  Just visit the CONTACT US page to request a free quote.



It Can Be All Fun And Games – Custom Promotional Products

Come On Down

When Heffner Toyota came to the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot with the idea of creating a PLINKO game for them, it brought up memories of Bob Barker calling contestants to “Come On Down” during The Price Is Right.

Custom promotional products are a great way to increase brand awareness and take your marketing to the next level. As you can see this PLINKO game has already managed to garner a lot of attention.

Creating The Custom PLINKO Board

By having the PLINKO board custom built, lots of choice was available.  Height of the custom game, graphics for it and the text applied to it were all set to fit the clients’ needs. Take a look below to see how this project came together.

It began with CNC cut crezon, followed by a custom paint finish, vinyl graphics and acrylic pucks made to fit between the pegs of the PLINKO game.

PLINKO - Custom Promotional Products - The Sign Depot

PLINKO - Custom Promotional Products - The Sign Depot

PLINKO - Custom Promotional Products - The Sign Depot

PLINKO - Custom Promotional Products - The Sign Depot

PLINKO - Custom Promotional Products - The Sign Depot

We gave it a few trial runs here in the workshop.

Did this project catch your attention? Creating opportunities to raise brand awareness is what smart marketing is all about.  Keeping your company at the top of mind for potential clients and keeping everything fresh for loyal customers shows that your business is listening to what consumers want. Adding an element of fun to the mix gets them curious about the business and all that it has to offer.  Want to give the Heffner PLINKO game a try? Be sure to follow Heffner on twitter to see how they will be using this custom made promotional product.  For more information about custom crafted project for your business be sure to visit our CONTACT US page.