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Brewing Up Some Artistic Signs For The 3 Brewers Restaurants

It’s A Beautiful Day In The 3 Brewers Neighbourhood

The 3 Brewers, also known as Les 3 Brasseurs, are Canadian microbrewerey restaurants. Each location is unique and has a dedicated beer for the neighbourhood that the restaurant is situated in.  When they had a need for individual brand representation at each establishment, they came to The Sign Depot for a variety of custom artistic signs.

Artistic Signs As Demonstrative Drawings

While infographics are often used online, this demonstrative drawing serves as an step by step infographic of the brewing process perfected by The 3 Brewers.

Artistic Signs - The 3 Brewers - The Sign Depot

As you can see from the image above, the graphics were hand drawn by the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot.  After completion the drawing was placed into a custom fabricated metal frame and cnc cut HDU replica bolt heads were affixed to the piece. The distress finish completed the vintage look of the artistic sign.

Custom Crafted Beer Deserves Custom Made Signs

As mentioned earlier in this post, each location of The 3 Brewers has a one of kind beer created for that restaurant.  Naturally they wanted these specialty beers highlighted in each locale.  That is when a custom sign shop can play a very important role.  The signmakers crafted custom pieces for display and replication for each indivdual location.  Below are just a few of the charcoal art pieces that were created for The 3 Brewers.

Artistic Signs - The 3 Brewers - The Sign Depot

Raise A Glass To Those Who Value Custom Craftsmanship

While The 3 Brewers are Brewmasters, The Sign Depot has a lot in common with them.

We both

  • Hand craft our products
  • Create high quality items
  • Take pride in our trade

We raise a glass to all those who take pride in their work and say CHEERS to all those that value custom craftsmanship!

Do you think these traits are important as well? Let us know in the comments what the word craftsmanship means to you!