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How A Sign Started A Movement – Community Involvement

Take 5 mins and see how this one sign started a world-wide movement.

Free Hugs Has Become A Worldwide Movement

All it took was one sign.  A simple sign.  We always say less is more, and in this instance it was bang on.  Simplicity with a clear message is something we always convey to our clients, but this video shows that it can also convey a message to a community and then to the world! The FREE HUGS CAMPAIGN is all about Random Acts of Kindness which is something we know quite a bit about being situated in Kitchener Waterloo.  In this area we celebrate Random Act Of Kindness Day every November and Waterloo Region welcomed Charley Johnson of the Pay It Forward Experience in the fall of 2011 for the GimmeYourBest event.  All it takes is someone with an idea to make a change.  We hope this inspires you to sign up as a volunteer in your community.  Community involvement is something we work hard to be a part of, whether it be for the arts community, charitable organizations or nationwide campaigns such as Movember Canada.  We want to be sure to give back and make positive changes to help to better ourselves as a small business. We appreciate being a successful custom sign company and do our best to support great local events such as TEDxWaterloo.

What Ways Do You Get Involved?

We want to hear how you get involved.  Have you signed up to volunteer in your community? Do you donate to charitable causes? What ways do you give back? Let us know and we could feature your accomplishment in an upcoming post! Creating your own Random Acts Of Kindness are a Sign Of Good Things To Come!


Notice The Signs Of Kindness – Random Act Of Kindness Day In Our Community

Random Act Of Kindness Day - The Sign Depot


Pay It Forward

We hope that all the Kitchener-Waterloo residents will take part in Random Act Of Kindness Day. It happens on November 12th this year. Not sure what a Random Act Of Kindness is?

Last year I made sure to bring in a treat for my co-workers and I plan on keeping that tradition Pay It Forward tradition intact.


Easy Ways To Show Signs Of Kindness

  • Hold doors for people
  • Suprise someone with a coffee
  • Give a gift card for groceries to a local shelter
  • Donate your used items to thrift shops that support charities
  • Call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while
  • Visit a seniors’ centre or nursing home
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Donate to your local food bank
  • Mow your neighbours lawn or shovel their driveway depending on the weather conditions
  • Volunteer for a local organization
  • Embrace community involvement at your workplace

As you can see it is very simple to pay it forward and perform random acts of kindness wherever you are. 

Make sure to pass this list on & REMEMBER to tell the recipent that they were just shown a Random Act Of Kindness & they should now pass it on.

Watch the video below to see how a little boy’s dream came true through community involvement.



That community knows all about paying it forward.

What do you do to get involved in your community?  We here at The Sign Depot believe it is very important to give back. We do our best to support local artists, charitable organizations and community events.  It does take some time and effort to pay it forward, but what you get in return means much more. The world can always use a little bit more kindness and we here at The Sign Depot hope this is a sign of things to come.