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Creating A 3 Dimensional Sign For Kitestring Creative Branding Studio

Creating With The Creatives

Over the years we have created several 3 dimensional signs.  Some signs have been designed here in house while others have come with the sign design in place and required us to fabricate their signage to their specifications.  In this case Kitestring Creative Branding Studio had all the pieces “almost” in place.  By pieces, I mean they wanted a layered 3 dimensional sign for their Hamilton Ontario office space.  They came to us with the design specifications in hand and it was up to the expert signmakers here at The Sign Depot to piece the project together.

Dimension By Design

The design for the interior sign included a brushed aluminum backer topped with a black panel with individual letter cutouts, and the addition of acrylic pieces finished to match the Kitesting logo.

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Kitestring Creative Branding Studio - The Sign Depot

 Once assembled the 3 dimensional sign was ready for it’s new home at the Kitestring office.

Stand Out From The Surroundings

The use of colour and dimension worked well and gave the sleek sign an extra level of style and sofistication that fit well in the workspace.  As you can see from the installed image below, the sign stands out from its surrounding area.

3 Dimensional Office Sign - Kitestring - The Sign Depot

 It stands out two ways.  First, the 3 dimensional sign literally stands out from the wall and second, the sign becomes a focal point for the room.

Bring Your Brand To The Forefront

Do you have a office space that could use some attention? Does your reception area need to be more receptive to clients?  Perhaps a 3 dimensional sign could be the professional edge that you need for your workspace. It may even assist in bringing the branding of your business to the forefront of your industry. Be sure to visit our CONTACT US page to get our expert signmakers working with your company!


Signs of Professionalism From Sign Making Professionals Creating the Handshake 2.0

Where did your last friendly handshake come from?

Was it at a meeting? A business lunch? A formal gala? If your handshakes are only reserved for these occasions then you may want to extend your reach a little farther. A warm friendly greeting is basis of a great first impression.  That first impression often leaves a lasting impression on those you meet.  Now with the world becoming more connected that “1st handshake” may take on a different form than what you expect.  It may be a referral from existing client, welcoming entrance-way signage, or through a Like/Follow on a social site .  Creating that memorable greeting is what is most important. Its a sign of what can be expected of you.  Professionalism and courtesy count!  Try finding new ways to tell everyone how much you would like to meet them. 

Four Ways Your Business Can Make An Impactful First Impression

  1. Ensure your entrance-way is clear and inviting.
  2. Find out if your business is visible during daytime, twilight and late night hours.
  3. Look at neighbouring businesses and take note of what the busy ones are doing differently.  See if their strategy would work for you.
  4. Ask your current customers how they first found out about your business and focus your efforts on what is working.

Just for fun I thought I would throw in this funny video from the always entertaining kitestring studio .  This skit was originally created for the 140 Characters Conference  but because of its popularity it was recorded and screened at Tweetstock.  The video has a funny take on how the handshake could become an unknown greeting to those immersed in the world of social media, but at the same time it gives you a great first impression of the Kitestring team and what a wonderful, creative group they are.

What is your greeting saying about you?  Do you live the way you want to be perceived? Is your impression impressing? These are some questions to think about when you arrive at your entrance-way. Is your custom business sign giving that impactful first impression?  While you’re here we would love to hear your impression of us! Feel free to leave a comment in the reply box below. Thanks again for stopping by!