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Build Your Business With Julia Rosien

This month The Sign Depot is featuring a few of our Sign Depot Demo Day attendees that are in the Business Marketing Industry.  When we wanted to improve the SEO of The Sign Depot’s website we went straight to Julia Rosien.  Her ability to clarify and create focus for our online pressence has made an impact on our site as well as our custom sign business. We chatted with Julia Rosien of SocialNorth to get her take on marketing in the modern age.  

Get To Know Julia Rosien

Julia can you tell us the nature of your business, SocialNorth and how you got started?

SocialNorth is my pearl. It was that grain of sand that grew out of working for a company fast-tracking to bankruptcy. I was reporting to a president who allowed his employees to shoulder the burden of his mismanagement and the stress was unreal. As the communications director and the online spokesperson for the company, the negativity spurred a need to leave for my own survival.

Thankfully, I’m married to this guy who believes in me and together we dreamed up SocialNorth. He is an integral part of the organization and deserves kudos for his faith and patience in putting up with me.

SocialNorth specializes in social media (strategy and community management), SEO, copy writing and content strategies.

Knowing your background in journalism, what do you think are some of the differences between traditional media marketing and social media marketing?

As a journalist, I was trained to remove myself from the story – to present it from a non-emotional, balanced perspective. Social media puts your heart into the middle of your reporting – it’s expected that you’ll share your opinions and personal experiences. One thing hasn’t changed though – the need for strong communication skills. I’m always amazed when I see bloggers and community managers make silly typos or spelling mistakes. Quality is still far more important than quantity.


What knowledge do you hope your clients learn from you?

When I’m working with a client, I hope I pass on as many of my skills as possible – and the confidence to get out there and do it. I want them to be 100% successful after I’m finished with their strategy, training and coaching. They hire me to contribute to their success and I’d be disappointed if they didn’t soak up as much from me as possible during our time together.


What online marketing trends should we be watching for?

Mobile and video. If you’re not looking at how people are using both of these, you’re already late to the game.


How do you stand out from others in your field?

While SocialNorth is still a small company, we’re big with ideas and our team never fails to deliver in unexpected and amazing ways. I’ve always made working with younger people part of my strategy. People just beginning their careers are still full of big, beautiful ideas. Their fearless energy is contagious and it pushes me to think beyond what my training and career has taught me. When my clients come to me, they know they’re going to get a lot of great ideas coupled with a maturity that comes from being through more than my fair share of corporate crisis’.

I would also like to think that my clients come to me because they know I’m as ridiculously attentive to detail as I am to creativity. Failure is simply not an option.

Want to learn more about Julia Rosien and Social North? Make sure to RSVP for our Sign Depot Demo Day on June 20th to network with Julia and many other fantastic business industry professionals. There you will see the behind the scenes of The Sign Depot just like Julia did.


3 Dimensional Sign Manufacturing In Kitchener Waterloo – WaterlooMIN Takes It All In

Where Will We Be Found Next?

 Building a buzz around Waterloo Region is something that we enjoy creating, but we’re not the only ones. WaterlooMIN re-branded and is creating a lot of sparks in the local manufacturing industry.  We were excited to be included in their re-launch event and took the opportunity to make several connections with those involved in the WaterlooMIN site.


Julia Rosien of WaterlooMIN came by The Sign Depot to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the sign manufacturing industry. She took the time to create a post and video about her experience. She mentioned that our OPEN DOOR policy is very rare in the manufacturing community and appreciated by their organization.  It is great to know that Waterloo Region supports what we are doing and helping other local manufactures to excel in their industry through the use of the WaterlooMIN site.

  Julia’s full post can be found on the WaterlooMIN site, as well as this video describing what we do and showing some behind the scenes of the 3 dimensional sign for The Silver Spoon located in downtown Kitchener Ontario.

Our online pressence through the use of Social Networks was discussed at length.  That discussion evolved into how blogging and how our twitter and facebook pages are used to amplify the posts.  Julia gave us a lot of great feedback on these topics and reinforced the idea that the blog is a great tool to create a community following. 


This month we’re proud to announce that The Sign Depot has been added to WaterlooMIN ‘s EXPERT BLOGGER list under the heading of Marketing Matters. There, we will be exploring blogging in the manufacturing industry and steps you can take to reach a bigger audience.  We’ll be explaining the difference between static websites and blogs.  We want to show manufactures how to build a following and create a community, and tips to get your message out through the use of Social Networks. We think connecting with our online audience is a Sign Of Things To Come!

What tools do you use to create a online pressence?