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Bring On Boating Season With Custom Nautical Signs

Wonderful Waterways

Custom Wood Cottage Sign - The Sign Depot

This summer we are experiencing lots of warm weather and the best way to spend the season is near water.  Whether you are water skier, wakeboarder, fisherman or boat enthusiast, spending time on the water is a great getaway from the everyday.  If you are a boat owner and you don’t live near a waterway, you have a few choices when it comes to enjoying boating season. Either you trek your boat with you from dock to dock, store it at a local marina or keep it at the cottage.  Being that many choose to invest in real estate we think the later is a great choice especially if you tend to make the most of boating season.

Best Boating Areas To Invest In

When selecting a vacation property it is best to think of what area will best suit your needs.  You may want a cabin near a large river, a cottage at the Muskoka Lakes, a summer house in The Hamptons, a winter property in Florida, vacation house in the Okanagan or maybe you will decide to build bayside.  There are great options all over North America that fit your style.  To further enhance your boating lifestyle we think the addition of a custom nautical sign will be a welcome addition to your property.

Custom Nautical Signs

Custom nautical signs come in all shapes and sizes.  We can customize your exterior wood sign to reflect what you love most about boating.  Some great ideas to start with are

  1. Beach Scenes
  2. Sunsets
  3. Muskoka Chairs
  4. Light Houses
  5. Anchors
  6. Fishing Poles


The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking the theme of your custom sign. Once you have decided on the size, shape, text, graphics and colours then you can visit our CONTACT US page to let us know how you want you nautical themed sign to look.  We are happy to provide you with a free quote for your fully customized sign.

We hope you can spend some time boating this summer and get a chance to drop anchor on a wonderful waterway.

Custom Nautical Signs