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3 Dimensional Signs – What Will They Be?

3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot - High Density Urethane
3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot
3 Dimensiona Signs - Gold Leaf - The Sign Depot Maybe it’s a Question Mark ?

Finding Signs Of Mystery

Normally we here at The Sign Depot keep the guess work out signage for you, but for this post we thought we would give you a sneak peak of some of the 3 dimensional signs we are creating for a rather large project. Most of the custom signs shown above look like dimensional props for film, but they all will fit together to make on massive sign display. Can you guess what The Sign Depot is constructing next?

Four Sign Making Technique Features

Here is a quick overview of how these sign components will incorporated into 3 dimensional sign display

  1. The first photo is wood sign structure that will serve as a base and High Density Urethane panels will be attached to replicate distressed wood.
  2. The second example show how we can instantly rust an object with a modern masters sign finishing technique
  3. The third photo demonstrates how professional sign maker create dimension with artistic sculptures
  4. The fourth picture is a custom carved sign finished in 23 Karat Gold Leaf through a processes known in the sign industry as guilding

Together these custom sign elements will be brought together to make a enormous sign structure solution for a business wanting to catch the attention of those passing by.  The use of 3 dimensional signs will make sure this custom business sign stands out from its surroundings and will create a lot of buzz for the company.


Still curious about how this all came together to make one giant custom business sign? We won’t keep you waiting any longer. We have posted pictures of our custom sign display. Take a look at our post 3 Dimensional Signs – Proportion Is Everything to see the final results.  Did you guess right? We hope you are impressed by this impressive sign!



Sculptural Signs – Outdoor Sign Displays From Pillaging Pirates to Respect RCMP’s

Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot - Outdoor Sculptural Signs - The Sign Depot - Outdoor

Stand Out With Sculptural Signs

It’s a summer of sculptural signs here at The Sign Depot.  We’ve stared with 3 dimensional signs for an outdoor sign display featuring a Pirate Ship and Crew and now we are moving to more of a patriotic focal point with the freshly constructed Mounties.

These Royal Canadian Mounted Police replicas will prepped for custom paint finishes and will be heading to Souvenir City in Niagara Falls Ontario.  There they will be part of their exterior sign display meant to attract passers-by and encourage them to stop in to their retail store.

Attention Grabbing Custom Business Signs

Want to make a BOLD statement for your business?  Custom business signs are great place to start.  Our artistic signs are quite unique and by choosing sculptural signs you add an additional element of creativity to your business branding. Companies that incorporate 3 dimensional signs into their marketing plans always rave about the finished results. One of our favorite testimonials for 3 dimensional signs is from Judy Horn of The Silver Spoon Cafe in Downtown Kitchener Ontario

Just wanted to let you know we love the teapot. There isn’t a day that  goes by without someone commenting on it. It has really made a  difference to our visibility on the street. Thanks again to Amos and  Peter and everyone else who worked on the sign and tea pot. We are  really pleased with the way it turned out.

Want to get started on attention grabbing sculptural sign? Make sure to visit the The Sign Depot Contact Us page and get the 3 dimensional sign conversation started, or stop by our showroom at 51 Borden Ave S. Kitchener & let the brainstorming BEGIN!


To see the finished custom Mountie signs make sure to visit our post Sculptural Signs – An Update On The Mounties.  As you can see they really stand out and serving as great landmark signs.


3 Dimensional Signs, Movie Pirates, Props And Creating A Pirate Crew

3 Dimensional Sign Props Can Create Quite A Stir

If you attended ComicCon this year you know that Pirates Of The Carribean franchaise is creating quite a stir.  This fascination for pirates has become a newest attraction at Dave and Buster’s Niagara Falls.  Captain Jack’s Mini Putt will be debuting on Clifton Hill and through the use of 3 dimensional signs it will make quite an impact on this high traffic area.


We heard Captain Jack Sparrow is in need of a new crew. I wonder if our Captain Jack and his pirate crew would be willing to partake in this new voyage?


Demonstrating The Art Of 3 Dimensional Signs

In the pictures featured below you can see that 3 dimensional signs are really artistic signs created through sculptural sign making techniques.  From prototype to custom paint finishes these sign structures will become a landmark sign for the Clifton Hill area of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.

3 dimensional signs - Props - The Sign Depot


3 Dimensional Sign Prototype - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Sign - Props - The Sign Depot 3 Dimensional Sign - Props - The Sign Depot Sculptural Signs - Props - The Sign DepotSculptural Signs - Props - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - The Sign Depot


3 Dimensionl Signs - The Sign Depot

3 Dimensional Signs - High Density Urethane - The Sign Depot

Ask The Sign Experts At The Sign Depot

Wondering how 3 dimensional signs could work for you? Contact our professional sign makers here at The Sign Depot for a free estimate. They are experts in the field of sign design and are well know in the sign industry.  They can supply you with several sign solutions for your custom business signs. They will consider what is best for your company while keeping within your budget.  To see more example of our sculptural signs make sure to visit Gallery Page portion of our Sign Depot Website Portfolio and let us know what caught your eye.


To see the fully assembled and installed exterior sign display, make sure to take a look at the 3 Dimensional Signs – Proportion Is Everything post. There you will see how all these scuptural signs came together to create an artistic outdoors sign solution for Dave And Busters restaurant.


Custom Wood Signs – Fitting Different Logos Under One Business Brand

Three Very Different Logos Get One Uniformed Look

Recently here at The Sign Depot we had the opportunity to test our branding matching skills. The UPI Energy office requested new reception area signage. It involved taking three very different logos and making them fit together as one business brand.


custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot

Custom Wood Signs

In order for these logos to “work” together in the same space the sign solution was simple.  Creating custom wood signs for each of the business logos would give them a clean uniform look.

These custom crafted reception signs were resized and by using the same wood stain finish they were able to change their differences into similarities. Taking a client’s marketing dilema and finding the right sign solution is something that the sign experts here at The Sign Depot are quite acquainted with.  With their professional sign making techniques and custom sign finishes they are able to acheive and exceed the expectations of our customers. 

Finished Sign Project

 As you can see  in the pictures below, UPI Energy will have a warm welcoming reception area thanks to the use of custom wood signs. The use of artistic signs brought the three company logos together to fit under one brand. If you wood like more information on how custom wood signs and reception signs work together to  make exceptional interior signs, make sure to visit The Sign Depot Contact Us page and get in touch with our sign experts.  One of our professional sign designers will gladly offer you suggestions on how to upgrade your reception sign while ensuring to design a custom business sign in your budget range. Providing creative sign projects for companies is what we are known for, and we would love to have the opportunity to quote a custom artistic sign for your company that showcases everything your business has to offer.

   custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot custom wood signs - The Sign Depot

custom wood signs - The Sign Depot


Welcome Sign – Community Involvement At The Sign Depot’s Grand Opening

Signing In And Signing Up For Community Involvement

On Friday May 14,2010 The Sign Depot opened it’s doors to the community in hopes raise awareness of The Food Bank Of Waterloo Region newest campaign, Waterloo Region’s DIG IN Campaign. Coinciding our Grand Opening with a charitable organization is just one of the ways The Sign Depot encourages community involvement. We hosted a community bbq in which the attendees were treated to hamburgers and sausages on a bun from our friends at Stemmlers Meats in exchange for non perishable food donations for The Food Bank Of Waterloo Region. We believe in giving back to the local community that supports us and this was a great opportunity to show off our new surroundings while contributing to a important local cause.
Our first contributor was also our smallest

The Sign Depot - Kitchener Ontario We invited family members, clients, friends and Mayor Carl Zehr to see what goes on inside our new sign shop located at 51 Borden Ave S. Kitchener, Ontario, formally the Doon Twines building. This historic building, now owned by Access Storage, has been re-purposed but many of its heritage features were kept intact. This makes a perfect match for our traditional wood signs.

The Sign Depot - Kitchener Ontario We demonstrated a few of our custom sign making techniques such as guilding and and let them have a sneak peak of some of our upcoming sign projects. 3 Dimensional Signs - Bronze Leaf - The Sign Depot This CNC demonstration showed how a sign design begins on the computer Custom Sign Design - The Sign Depot Then gets cut on the router table  

Routered Signs - The Sign Depot to become a custom 3 dimensional sign

  The Sign Depot - Kitchener Ontario


We had a great time and it looks like our attendees did as well. More importantly we filled all the boxed for the Food Bank and it was all contributed to the local Dig In Campaign For The Food Bank Of Waterloo Region.

Custom Wood Signs - The Sign Depot

For additional photos of our community involvement initiatives, please visit our Facebook Fan Page at



A New Local Community Involvement Campaign And How It Involves The Sign Depot

The Sign Depot Is Involved

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is holding a large local campaign here in the Kitchener Waterloo area to increase awareness of the need for Food Donations here in the Tri-Cities.

DIG IN Food Drive has a goal of 150,000 lbs & The Sign Depot pitching in to help!

On Friday May 14th The Sign Depot will be a registered drop off site for The Food Bank Of Waterloo Region Dig In Campaign. By contributing your Food Bank Donation here at 51 Borden Ave S location your non perishable food items will be included in area wide the DIG IN Campaign.

What’s Involved In This Campaign?

What do you get in return for your generosity? How about a FREE BBQ beginning at 1pm & a chance to meet Mayor Carl Zehr at 4pm? We are holding this in conjunction with The Sign Depot’s Grand Opening. With our recent move we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our local community for their continued support of our artistic sign business, and give them a behind the scenes look at how we manufacture custom signs.

We hope you will come by, donate to the food bank, and learn a little more about The Sign Depot and all the sign services and business solutions we have to offer. Let us know we can count on your non perishable food donations by emailing Lisa

Looking forward to seeing you pop by Friday May 14th 2010 for an afternoon of sign making information, food bank donation and a lot of celebration.


Take a look at how well our first Food Drive for The Food Bank Of Waterloo Region went by reading our post Welcome Sign – Community Involvement At The Sign Depot’s Grand Opening. You will see all smiles from our attendees as well as info about our sign making demonstrations.


Custom Business Signs – What Kind of Signs Do You Make At The Sign Depot

Full Service Sign Shop

What types of signs does The Sign Depot make? We get asked this all the time. Our answer is any kind of sign you need! That is what differentiates us from other sign shops. The Sign Depot can cover all your sign requirements.

 We specialize in Custom Carved Wood Signs, but that’s just one facet of the company. The expert sign makers here at The Sign Depot can handle all the sign needs for your business.

Custom Business Signs

We offer custom business sign solutions to suit your company’s needs and budget. Our services take care of everything from the exterior entrance-way sign, to the littlest details like accessible parking signs. We want to give your customers that great first impression of your business the minute they pull in the lot. For your interior, we can customize window graphics, washroom signs, wayfinding systems etc. & why stop there? Take your advertising with you! We can design and apply custom vinyl graphics your promotional vehicles too! We cover your business branding across the board.

Other Areas Of Expertise

Are you looking for other business soloutions? Here are some additional signs service we offer

We have lots of options when it comes to making custom business signs for your company. All of our signs can be created to your specifications and will be manufactured to best represent your area of expertise. Your custom business sign is a 24 hour advertisement company, you should be sure it properly reflects what you do and what you want potential customers to know about your business.

Need examples of the work we’ve done. How about every sign in this picture…

Custom Business Signs - The Sign Depot


Sign Of Strategy At The Sign Depot – Involvement In The Tech Community

Social Media = Social Currency = Real Currency

For the past few months, we’ve been creating a buzz through social media. Many may think this is a pointless waste of time, but for Sign Depot, it’s given us to get to know others in the community. Here in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario there has been a shift in the last decade or so from being a factory based community to the new technology hub in Canada.

Sign Depot has always been a contributor to networking in KW (members of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce & the Kitchener Waterloo Business Women’s Association), but now we’re taking it one step further.

Through this blog, & our twitter @TheSignDepot we’ve made several new local connections & attended local events that we would not have know about otherwise.

One such event was the KW Design Meetup. Thanks to @CuteGecko ‘s introduction to @Jooliah Sign Depot was invited to their monthly meetup as a presentor.

That night our twitter page lit up. Take a look —————- jooliah Huge thanks to all the presenters tonight @cdutson, @tinyHippos, @TheSignDepot and also to all the #kwdm peeps who made it out! Great night! ChristineHamon Question of the night “How did you learn to speak so softly?” @TheSignDepot. #kwdm jrodgers another awesome #kwdm thanks to @jooliah and the great presentations from: @TheSignDepot @tinyHippos @cdutson

another awesome #kwdm thanks to @jooliah and the great presentations from: @TheSignDepot @tinyHippos @cdutson mrswookiee @seanyo they have nice staff too! @TheSignDepot @those2girls seyDoggy RT @seanyo: I had no idea…but I’ve been a huge fan of @thesigndepot‘s work for years! #kwdm cdutson We like your speaking voice @TheSignDepot 🙂 (via @cutergecko) – it’s so soothing. He should start reading books for audio about cutergecko We like your speaking voice @TheSignDepot 🙂 via TweetDeck seanyo

I had no idea…but I’ve been a huge fan of @thesigndepot‘s work for years! #kwdm seanyo I had no idea…but I’ve been a huge fan of @thesigndepot“s ‘s seanyo I had no idea…but I’ve been a huge fan of @thesigndepot“s cdutson We need to visit @thesigndepot. #kwdm field trip!!! (via @seanyo) I promise to be good can I go? IWANNAGOLETMEGOPLEASEGOD cdutson They just are teh awesome, srsly @thesigndepot #kwdm seanyo We need to visit @thesigndepot. #kwdm field trip!!! seyDoggy They just are teh awesome, srsly @thesigndepot #kwdm RT @seanyo: Secret of @thesigndepot‘s success: 1) find out the client’s budget 2) be awesome 3) PROFIT seanyo Secret of @thesigndepot‘s success: 1) find out the client’s budget 2) be awesome 3) PROFIT! cdutson Pride. In. Craft. That’s how its done. @thesigndepot (via @seanyo) – exactly eijones Nice! Amazing to think that many of the signs I see around town are done by @TheSignDepot ! I’m impressed! #kwdm myankelovich Absolutely blown away by @thesigndepot‘s work! True art #kwdm cdutson huh. @TheSignDepot owner/runner/presenter guy is one of the most down to earth and practical business owners I’ve met. #kwdm cdutson oh: “if I’m going to spend my life making signs, I’m going to make the best goddamned signs I can” . * yes #kwdm seyDoggy RT @modsuperstar: #kwdm @thesigndepot does some fantastic work. Very impressive cdutson Crap, man @TheSignDepot‘s feature work is really… really good. I tip my literal hat at them. #kwdm modsuperstar #kwdm @thesigndepot does some fantastic work. Very impressive seyDoggy @TheSignDepot is putting some funny stuff. OH: “I can get techy on you too.” ———- Want to know what happened one week later? We received calls from attendees, wanting us to quote for them! Now if we can impress a group tech based of designers, imagine what we can do for you! Want to find out? Give us a call 519-894-0890 Need a guest speaker for your next business event? Contact Lisa and we can arrange Sign Depot to present for your group as well.


Custom Business Signs – City Of Kitchener Facade Grant Program

Giving Downtown Kitchener A Facelift One Business at a Time

Here at Sign Depot we knew the impact the Facade Grant Program would make in giving Downtown Kitchener a facelift.   He knew this custom business sign project would be massive, that is why he came to The Sign Depot.  We are experts in custom business signs and were able to see the project through from the sign permits to the final sign installations
Mario Halapir, owner of Sportslink, took advantage of Kitchener’s grant program to upgrade the facade of his store. Here are some of the highlights from the article. This article is taken from  
    • Behind the sleek new sign and the strikingly modern stucco lays the bones of a building that has watched over Kitchener’s downtown for nearly a century. With its modern facelift, Mario Halapir’s soccer retail store and uniform business, Sports Link, shows little sign of its age. But what it does show, Halapir hopes, is his commitment to the business and the city’s core. “With the economy the way it is right now, everyone’s thinking about saving dollars,” he said. “We thought about it the other way around. We said, ‘We’re going to invest some money into our business so we can be here forever.’ ”
    • The Sports Link façade improvement is the largest completed project in the city’s granting program, which matches exterior improvement dollars for commercial businesses in the downtown.
    • The city will pay up to $10,000 per storefront for approved projects. In total, Kitchener has $600,000 to hand out over the five years of the program.
  • In 2009, the city approved grants totalling $175,000. The private investment portion of those projects will equal about $375,000 since some businesses exceed the maximum amount that could be matched, said Cory Bluhm, the city’s urban investment adviser.
  • In its inaugural year, 10 businesses were approved for grants in the Kitchener program. Four projects, including DNA silk screening, two storefronts at the Tannery, Matter of Taste and Sports Link, are now completed.
  • Sports Link, located on the corner of Charles and Ontario streets, made $80,000 worth of improvements to its façade, including upgrades to the windows, signage and all new stucco.
  • The façade program is aimed at businesses within the area bordered by the railway tracks on the west to Cedar Street on the east, and Joseph Street on the south to Weber Street on the north. Of the 10 projects approved last year, seven are on King Street.

Here is the BEFORE image of The Sportlink

The Sportslink - original signage
and now take a look at the AFTER. I think you’ll agree that Image Is Everything!Custom Business Signs - The Sportslink - The Sign Depot


Wholesale Wood Signs – Testimonial


We Specialize In Wholesale Wood Signs For The Sign Industry

Being a sign shop in Southwestern Ontario that is know North America wide for our sandblasted wood signs is quite an accomplishment and we thought we would share these recent accolades with you.  Creating carved cedar signs for the sign trade is something we specialize in here at The Sign Depot and we always welcome wholesale inquires from sign professionals.

recent wholesale job : Sandblasted Cedar finished in Cetol
Wholesale Wood Signs - The Sign Depot
Scutt Signs Guelph Ontario ” We have dealt with The Sign Depot for many years and our experience has always been a positive one. They understand the fast paced sign business and their pricing always allows us to be competitive without sacrificing quality.”
Thanks Louise, nice to hear a great testimonial – we look forward to our continued business relationship.
We have been servicing other sign companies locally, across Canada and as far away as Texas with wholesale wood signs for many years.
In fact 80% of our business comes from repeat customers and of our new business 70% of that is referrals.
That’s a Testimonial in numbers
recent wholesale job : Sandblasted Cedar Finished in Walnut Cetol
Wholesale Wood Signs - The Sign Depot

How To Order Wholesale Wood Signs From The Sign Depot

To learn more about what is required in order to get a wholesale sign quote, please visit our post Wholesale Wood Signs.  There you will learn more about the specifications we will need, and find out how to add a revenue stream to your sign business by offering custom wood signs to your clients. Variety is the spice of life so they say. At The Sign Depot we embrace that saying, but we have one more saying to pass along.  As it says on our Wholesale Website Page  We’ll look after the dust while you look after your clients!